Friday, October 5, 2012

Elongated Stitch

Sample knit with worsted weight yarn on US Size 11 Knitter's Pride Cubics

This has to be one of the easiest stitches around.  All you have to do is knit and make yarn overs.  It can be done on any yarn with any needle, on any number of stitches.

Cast on any number of stitches

Knit as many plain rows of garter stitch you like.
On the next row, wrap the yarn around the needle twice, three times, etc.  The more wraps you do, the longer your dropped stitches will be.  The fewer wraps, the shorter they will be.
Knit the next row, dropping all of the extra wraps.

Repeat.  Simple!

Here is the video.  Happy Knitting, and Enjoy!


Mis cosas said...


I really love your page. I just went through ALL your stitches because I want to make a special scarf, I have the instructions but as I am a newbie I haven't succeeded so far with it. I wonder if you could be interested in uploading a video for this scarf, it you would do I would be eternally grateful! Hereby the instructions:

Yarn: Big Bravo, Milward 10mm needles
Basic Pattern: Alternate K1, P1;work 1 yarn-over before each stitch, let the yarn-overs of previous row slide off the needle.
Tension: In Basic pattern about 7 sts and 7 rows, each to 10 cm.
Method: for about 33 cn. in width cast on 24 sts and work in Basic Patt. When work measures about 95-105 cm, just before the end of the ball, cast off all sts. Sew cast-on and cast-off edges tog.

Sapphires-N-Purls said...

I'm sorry, but I can't make a video on patterns from another designer, due to copyright issues. However, it looks like this is just knit, purl and yarn overs that make up the scarf. I have videos on all of these on my YouTube channel that should help you along. I also have cast on and cast off videos if you need help with that. As for sewing the edges together, you could do a three needle bind off, that will join the edges, and I have a video for that also.