Friday, August 30, 2013

Swag Stitch

Sample with knit with Patons Classic Wool that I dyed myself, on US 6 Nova Cubics needles from Knitter's Pride

Multiple of 5 + 2

Row 1 (WS) and all WS rows:  Purl
Row 2: Knit
Row 4 and 6: P2 *Sl 3 wyif, P2*

Repeat these six rows for the pattern.  Happy Knitting!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wavy Rib

Sample knit with Butterfly Cotton, US Size 6 (Susan Bates Tipping Points)

Even though this stitch creates a wavy look, you don't have to do anything special - just alternate knits and purls!  And, this stitch also have a great back side!  It looks like basket weave - you can see in the picture above.  

The yarn I use in this video is Butterfly Cotton Yarn.  I purchased this several years ago at Paradise Fibers - since then the only place I have seen it is at Romni Wools in Canada.  Cascade Pima Cotton yarn is a nice substitute if you can't locate the Butterfly brand. Butterfly/Cascade Pima Cotton is a smoother, shinier cotton than Lily Sugar n Cream or the cotton yarn you usually find in craft stores, much better suited to wearable items in my opinion.

Multiple of 6 + 2

Rows 1 and 3: (RS) P2 *K4, P2*
Rows 2 and 4: K2 *P4, K2*
Rows 5 and 7: K3, P2 *K4, P2* , end K3
Rows 6 and 8: P3, K2 *P4, K2* , end P3

Repeat these 8 rows for an awesome fabric that has two nice sides!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vikkel Braid, Estonian Braid, or Lateral Braid

This is something I had never heard of until recently, when somebody asked me about it.  I really like this stitch, or technique.  It's a great way to add a little something impressive to your knitting.  I tested it out on a crescent shawl and it looked great.  Give it a try the next time you need a little something extra on a project.

I am showing this technique in the same color, but you can make the braid in a contrasting color.  I recommend watching the DROPS video.  If you have never seen one of their videos, there is no sound.  You just watch and learn.

The first thing you'll need to do is cast on a new stitch at the beginning of the row where you want your braid.  For my sample, I used the cable cast on.  You can also use the knitted cast on.  (The new stitch should be placed on the left needle.)

Next, *knit into the back of the loop of the second stitch on the left needle.  Do not drop the stitch yet.  Now, knit into the front of the first stitch as normal.  Drop both stitches from the left needle.

Then, slip the first stitch from the right needle back to the left needle.  Repeat from *

When you get to the last stitch, knit it, then pass the second stitch on the right needle over.

You now have a lateral braid running across your knitting.  How cool is that?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Feather and Fan Stitch

Sample knit with Malabrigo Worsted, US Size 5 needles
As I mentioned last time, the stitch this week is Feather and Fan, which is different from Old Shale.  They both create a wavy edge, and do look similar, but the two are different stitches.

Multiple of 14

Row 1: *Sl 2-K2tog-P2SSO, (yo, k1) x5, yo, Sl 2-K2tog-P2SSO, K1*
Row 2: Knit

Repeat these two rows for the pattern.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Old Shale Stitch

This is a picture of a shawl I knit, using a pattern and yarn I got years ago at a little shop in Canada.  

This stitch is often used interchangeably with Feather and Fan; however, Old Shale and Feather and Fan are two separate stitches.  They are worked differently, and have a different look.  Next week, we will do Feather and Fan.

When I was knitting my shawl in this stitch, I was a new knitter; I had no idea that there was any difference, and I even made a video for Feather and Fan or Old Shale Stitch.  I then discovered there was a difference - who knew?!

This is a super easy stitch.  You probably won't even need to look at the pattern!  But do pay attention, because it is very easy to make a mistake along the way.  I find that I neglect to make one of the k2tog, and so must work back and fix things.

Multiple of 18

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: *K2tog three times, (yo, k1) six times, K2tog three times*
Row 4: Purl

Repeat these four rows for the pattern

Here is the video.  Happy Knitting!