Friday, August 2, 2013

Old Shale Stitch

This is a picture of a shawl I knit, using a pattern and yarn I got years ago at a little shop in Canada.  

This stitch is often used interchangeably with Feather and Fan; however, Old Shale and Feather and Fan are two separate stitches.  They are worked differently, and have a different look.  Next week, we will do Feather and Fan.

When I was knitting my shawl in this stitch, I was a new knitter; I had no idea that there was any difference, and I even made a video for Feather and Fan or Old Shale Stitch.  I then discovered there was a difference - who knew?!

This is a super easy stitch.  You probably won't even need to look at the pattern!  But do pay attention, because it is very easy to make a mistake along the way.  I find that I neglect to make one of the k2tog, and so must work back and fix things.

Multiple of 18

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: *K2tog three times, (yo, k1) six times, K2tog three times*
Row 4: Purl

Repeat these four rows for the pattern

Here is the video.  Happy Knitting!

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Unknown said...

Hi, I liked your Shale pattern.. I would like to know if you have the full instructions/tutorial of baby coat, bootees & bonnet in this pattern.