Friday, May 16, 2014

Random Lace

My sample was knit with some of my incredibly soft, smooth, fluffy must-have Silk Camel yarn on US Size 6 Nova Cubics.  This yarn is my new love - I've kept a skein for myself and will be knitting something with it very soon!  YUMMY, it is so exquisite!

I did things a little differently this week.  I used a random stitch generator to get the stitch you see above.  Pretty awesome, isn't it?  This is the generator I used, but there are others out there.  Google 'random stitch generator' or 'random lace generator' or a similar phrase and you'll find some.  There are even cables!  Lots of fun, I hope you try.  And please stop by my Facebook page and share a picture of your own generated stitch!

For my stitch, I do recommend at least one extra stitch on each edge because there are yo's at the beginning of some rows; for a project using this stitch, a border would be nice.

The Generator ----> Click here.

Multiple of 4

Row 1: (RS) *k2, yo, ssk
Row 2 and all WS Rows: purl
Row 3: *yo, ssk, yo, k2tog
Row 5: *yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog
Row 7: *yo, ssk, ssk, yo  --  you will have a double yarn over here, since the row begins and ends with a yo.  When you come to this double yo on Row 8, you will p the first strand, and k the second strand.

Repeat these 8 rows for the pattern.

Woot, woot!  Happy Knitting!

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Mona said...

Hi. Just wanted to say Your blogs's amazing. I am a knit noob but am trying some new stitches and found this place. I'm doing the quilted lattice and it's going alright. Thank you! Looking forward to trying some other ones soon. Xo