Saturday, April 6, 2019

Faux Crochet Stitch

Sample knit with DK weight yarn, US 7 needles

Multiple of 2

Row 1 (rs) and Row 2: sl 1 *p1, k1; end p1
Row 3: sl 1, p1 *yo, skpo
Row 4: sl 1  *bind off until there is one stitch left on the left needle, p last st  (there will be 3 sts total)
Row 5: sl 1, p1 *working into each yarn over space, insert right needle from front to back, wrap yarn twice and pull through, then insert right needle into same space again, this time from back to front, wrap yarn twice and pull through; end k1
Row 6: k2tog, dropping extra loop *p1-drop extra loop, k1-drop extra loop; end p1  (the last two sts will not have an extra loop)

Repeat these six rows for the pattern.

Happy Knitting!


Dreamsherl said...

Are these your own stitch patterns?

Sapphires-N-Purls said...

No, these stitches have been around for ages. You can find them in books, videos and many other websites.

Sister Diana said...

Thank you for the time, creativity, and visual tutoring that you put into this work.