Friday, May 24, 2019

German Honeycomb Stitch

Sample knit with fingering weight yarn, US 7 needles

You may want to consider adding a border depending on how you plan to use this stitch.  The edges are a bit sloppy and there is some curl as well.

Multiple of 4

Row 1 (rs): knit all sts
Row 2: p2 *p2tog tbl, yo, p2tog; end p2
Row 3: k3 *(k1, p1) into yo from previous row, k2; end k1
Row 4: purl all sts
Row 5: *k2tog, yo, ssk
Row 6: p1 *(k1, p1) into yo from previous row, p2; end p1

Repeat these six rows for the pattern.  

If the p2tog tbl is giving you trouble, there is a video HERE with an easy peasy alternative method.

Happy Knitting!

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