Friday, July 7, 2023

Speckled Rib Stitch 2


Sample knit with DK weight yarn, US 7 needles

I added 2 extra stitches to the multiple, 1 edge stitch for the beginning of the row and 1 edge stitch for the end of the row, to make the sl wyib easier in Row 3.  Depending on how you plan to use the stitch, you may want to add more edge stitches or you may not need any at all.  I have not included the extra edge stitches in the instructions below.

Multiple of 2+1

Row 1 (rs): *p1, sl wyib; rep from *, end p1

Row 2: purl

Row 3: *sl wyib, p1; rep from *, end sl wyib

Row 4: purl

Repeat these four rows for the pattern.

Happy Knitting!

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