Friday, January 4, 2013

Waffle Brioche, or Plaited Brioche Stitch

Sample knit with Caron Simply Soft on US 9 needles

All slipped stitches are to be slipped knitwise with the yarn held to the back.

Rows 1 and 3, the two stitches are are knit together through the back loop are a yarn over and a knit stitch.

Rows 2 and 4, the yarn over tends to cover the second stitch that you are to knit.  You may need to hold the yarn over out of the way with your thumb or finger to get to the second stitch.

tbl = through the back loop
Sl = slip

Multiple of 3 + 2

Row 1: (WS) K1 *YO, Sl 1, K2tog tbl* , end K1
Row 2: K3 *Sl 1, K2* , end Sl 1, K1 (the slipped stitches will be the yarn overs from previous row)
Row 3: K1 *K2tog tbl, YO, Sl 1* , end K1
Row 4: K2 *Sl 1, K2* (the slipped stitches will be the yarn overs from the previous row)

Repeat these four rows for the pattern.

Here is the video.  Happy Knitting!


kmaria said...

i love this one!!! can you put a video on that cozy mug ?? pleaseee pretty pleasee... thank you so much for all your great work... much appreciation and admiration...

Xochitl said...

Hi. I am using this stitch to make a blanket, i have a garther stitch edge, that means that i only knit 2 after my garther stitch border?

Sapphires-N-Purls said...

I'm not sure what you mean by only knitting two after your garter stitch border. You'll knit your garter edge stitches at the beginning of the row, then work the pattern repeat as many times as you've cast on for, then knit your garter stitches at the end of the row for the border.

Xochitl said...

I mean the k1 at the begining and at the end of the row.. Do i still need to knit those?

Sapphires-N-Purls said...

It's part of the pattern so yes.

Xochitl said...

Ok thanks

Unknown said...

estan bellisimos esos puntos me gustan.Gracias por compartir

Unknown said...

Wow, I just want to say, your written patterns are the absolutely perfect. I've always had to resist the patterns I saw . you give all the notes I could need for everything. Thank you so much for your detail.

viki said...

I have tried and tried to knit this beautiful stitch in the round on magic loop, no luck. Has anyone been able to figure it out?