Friday, January 17, 2014

Twilled Stripe Stitch

Sample knit with Malabrigo Worsted on Deborah Norville US #10 needles

This has to be one of my favorite new stitches!  I love the look of this one, and it is so easy too.

Multiple of 7 + 2

LT = Left Twist - skip next stitch on left needle, knit into the back loop of second stitch, leaving stitch on needle.  Then slip first stitch purlwise, and drop second stitch from left needle.

Row 1 and all WS Rows:  k2 *p5, k2
Row 2: p2 *LT, k3, p2
Row 4: p2 *k1, LT, k2, p2
Row 6: p2 *k2, LT, k1, p2
Row 8: p2 *k3, LT, p2

Repeat these 8 rows for the pattern.  Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitch! Def. one of my favorites too now :)

Thank you for sharing.

Hugs Frida

Canton shelly said...

I see this as a beautiful scarf in any soft pastel yarn, or a nice "gifted dishcloth" done in white cotton yarn.
Thanks so much for the pattern

Unknown said...

I loved to learn that stitch. So, thanks to give me it,

Unknown said...

does this tend to curl, or will it lay flat? Thank you! said...

Thank you so much for your tutorials !!!They are the best !
Could you please tell me if there is a tutorial for the Seersucker Stitch in your blog ?I've tried knitting it but it's not coming out as it should.
I tried it loads of times but there's an error in the written patterns I have found so far, as it is not forming the diamond shapes.

Unknown said...

Thank you. It is a lovely stitch and I'm looking forward to including it in a jacket.

Monique said...

Ciao... with circular needles is possible?