Sunday, August 7, 2016

Long Slip Stitch

Sample knit with Silky Merino Heavy Worsted on US 7 needles

I recommend adding at least two extra stitches - one for each side - just to neaten things up a bit.  A seed stitch or garter stitch border would also look nice.

Multiple of 2

Row 1: *K1 wrapping yarn twice around needle, k1
Row 2: *K1, slip 1 wyif, dropping extra loops
Row 3: *Slip 1, k1
Row 4: *K1, slip 1 wyif
Row 5: *K1, k1 wrapping yarn twice around needle
Row 6: *Slip 1 wyif, dropping extra loops, k1
Row 7: *K1, slip 1
Row 8: *Slip 1 wyif, k1

Repeat these 8 rows for pattern.

Happy Knitting!


Mouse96 said...

Can this stitch pattern be used in the round?

Sapphires-N-Purls said...

Mouse96, here is a link with info for working stitches in the round: