Friday, January 19, 2018

Heart Stitch

Sample knit with worsted weigh yarn on US size 6 needles

Sample knit with bulky weight yarn on US size 17 needles
Another stitch from this French channel - I omitted the edge stitches for mine - you can add two extra stitches if you like, one for each edge .  Slip the first stitch and either purl or knit the last; if the next to last stitch you made was a knit then knit the last stitch and if the next to last stitch you made was a purl, purl the last stitch.

Multiple of 5 + 2  (or 5+2+2 if using edge stitches)

Set up rows - not repeated

Row 1: p2 *k3, p2
Row 2: k2 *p3, k2
Row 3: p2 *k3, p2
Row 4: k2 *p3, k2

Row 5: p2 *insert right needle into third stitch down from second stitch on left needle and pull up a loop, k3, insert right needle into same stitch as before and pull up another loop; p2

Row 6: k2 *wyif, slip loop, p3, wyif slip loop, k2

Row 7: p2 *wyib, slip loop, k1, pass loop over the knit stitch, k1, knit next stitch together with loop, p2

Row 8: k2 *p3, k2

Repeat from ROW 5 for pattern

Happy Knitting!

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Unknown said...

Hi, I love this stitch. It would be really pretty in a hat and mitten set. Do you have a pattern it would work with?