Friday, January 19, 2018

Heart Stitch

Sample knit with worsted weigh yarn on US size 6 needles

Sample knit with bulky weight yarn on US size 17 needles
Another stitch from this French channel - I omitted the edge stitches for mine - you can add two extra stitches if you like, one for each edge .  Slip the first stitch and either purl or knit the last; if the next to last stitch you made was a knit then knit the last stitch and if the next to last stitch you made was a purl, purl the last stitch.

Multiple of 5 + 2  (or 5+2+2 if using edge stitches)

Set up rows - not repeated

Row 1: p2 *k3, p2
Row 2: k2 *p3, k2
Row 3: p2 *k3, p2
Row 4: k2 *p3, k2

Row 5: p2 *insert right needle into third stitch down from second stitch on left needle and pull up a loop, k3, insert right needle into same stitch as before and pull up another loop; p2

Row 6: k2 *wyif, slip loop, p3, wyif slip loop, k2

Row 7: p2 *wyib, slip loop, k1, pass loop over the knit stitch, k1, knit next stitch together with loop, p2

Row 8: k2 *p3, k2

Repeat from ROW 5 for pattern

Happy Knitting!


Unknown said...

Hi, I love this stitch. It would be really pretty in a hat and mitten set. Do you have a pattern it would work with?

Jeanne c. said...

I would like to incorporate this into a throw, lapghan or blanket. Would it be best to just run it up the left side? Then what stitch would work best for the remaining side out to the right?

Jeanne c. said...

Or perhaps put them in the middle.