Friday, September 1, 2023

Double Garter Stitch


Sample knit with DK weight  yarn on US 6 needles

Cast on any number of stitches

Set up row: k1 *knit each stitch, wrapping yarn twice; rep from *

Row 1: knit the first loop only of the first stitch, leaving second loop on the left needle *knit second loop of previous stitch together with first loop of next stitch, wrapping the yarn twice, leaving the second loop on the left needle; rep from *

Repeat Row 1 for the pattern.  

Before binding off, you will need to decrease.  Knit the first stitch, then k2tog to the end of the row.  You will only be wrapping the yarn once, making normal k2tog stitches.  After this row, you should have the same number of stitches you started with and can bind off.

Happy Knitting!

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